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Listen, Laugh, Learn

About The Show

We’ve all been there, you’re sitting around the table, hanging out with friends, and suddenly a random question pops up, like: can you actually be allergic to yourself?


And that’s when one of your buddies pulls out their phone to see if they can find an answer. 


That is what this show is all about, just you hanging with us, your new friends, trying to find answers to life’s trivial questions and mysteries.

Your Reviews

I laugh, I learn and I enjoy 20 minutes of my day more. Great podcast!

- Tbrvo21

This podcast is so fun. Lots of interesting topics. My life is busy, and I don't have time to look up certain subjects. I would go on with life not knowing all the facts, but "Let Me Look That Up" quantify the in n outs of all the questions we ask with the homies. After each episode I have new found knowledge. Great podcast.

- lookitsmonster

You've made a fan of me. The banter and tangents are great, but I love getting insight into those random questions. Great listen! Keep it up!

- J3-K0

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